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Train Them Like Rats 06
The Pleasure Lab 06
What can Kinsey tell us about sex today? 05
Good news for strong women 05
It hurts so good   05
Why do we still fall for Mr Darcy? 04
The Princess Who Refused to Die 04
Frocks and Feminism 04
Sex and the Older Woman 04
And the Winner is Another Man 04
Who wants to Act the Hero 04
Narcissism Actually 03
Sex and Violence Feminist Style 03
Stars in our eyes…Globalisation and Hollywood. 03
Rewrite the Script, decline in British creative industries 03
Bullies on the Box…Reality or Humiliation TV? 03
Disaster documentaries 03
Julianne, Renee, they’re just so much window dressing, 03
Does it matter if all women's literature is adapted by one man? 02

The Times: Comment and Opinion

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Sex and the Single Minded Muslim  06
Monogamy (n): unhuman activity  05
Sex, seduction and the swing vote 05
This whole sorry business… 04
The secret Bridget within us all. 04
The New Male Fantasy…Murderesses 04
A chill of fear is driving us back to Cold War fashion 04
There’s more to a book than a pitch and a TV deal 04
Baffled by the Baftas 04
How to Get Ahead in Hollywood 04

The Guardian 2008 Investigation by David Leigh and Cherry Potter

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Errors, Delays and finally rejection: one woman’s ordeal Jan 08  “Last year Beth Ellis nerved herself to tell police she had been repeatedly raped as a child by her stepfather. But local prosecutors refused to do a thing about it. A year after she told police she had been raped as a child the CPS dropped the case. She wanted to know why.

I would never have put myself through this if I had known Jan 08 An extract from Beth Ellis's journal describing how she reported her stepfather, and her feelings as the next 14 months unfolded. 

Rape Case to be Reopened After Police are CriticisedApril 08 CPS lawyer says original inquiries by South Wales force were 'not thorough' and of 'unacceptable standard'


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