Cherry Potter Psychotherapist

Cherry Potter

Like many writers, Cherry was particularly interested in how our individual stories are influenced first by our family of origin and later by all the relationships we form in our personal, social and working lives. Her deep interest in human psychology and her love of working face-to-face with people are why she decided to train as a psychotherapist.

She began her training at the Institute of Group Analysis and went on to gain a Post-Graduate Diploma from the Turvey Institute for Group Analytic Psychotherapy and Oxford Brookes University. Whilst training, she practiced for four years as an honorary psychotherapist at the South Kensington and Chelsea Mental Health Centre. Since completing her training, she went on to gain certificates for Working with Couples and Psychosexual Studies from the Tavistock Clinic and Tavistock Relationships. She has been registered with the UKCP since 2006.

She has been seeing clients at her private practice in Brighton Kemptown for the past 15 years. Many of her clients choose to see her for one to one psychodynamic psychotherapy or couples counselling.  She also conducts a weekly long-term psychotherapy group.

Her clients come to see her with a wide range of difficulties, such as: relationship problems, sexual problems, family issues, anxiety, depression, stress, self-esteem, difficulties managing work relationships, sexual or domestic abuse, bereavement, loss of meaning.

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Other Professional Activities

  • 2014 Delegate Group Analytic Society European Symposium Lisbon: ‘Art meets Science’
  • 2011 Member of the Group Analytic SocietyScientific Committee for the European Symposium: ‘Cultures, Conflict, and Creativity’.
  • 2010 The Institute of Group Analysis Workshop Series Convenor: ‘Forces of Change: Resistance and Fear or Hope for Renewal?’. The series of six workshops explored the familiar conflict between our desire for change and our deep-seated need for the familiar however unhappy it makes us. As well as Series Convenor, Cherry was also the keynote speaker for the workshop on ‘Gender and Sexuality’.
  • 2009 The Institute of Group Analysis Workshop Series Convenor: ‘Dark Forces: Understanding Destructiveness and Transformation’. The series of six workshops explored the origins of destructiveness in childhood and the family and its manifestations in many aspects of adult life.
  • 2008 keynote speaker for the IGA workshop series ‘Talking about Sex’.
  • 2006 guest speaker at the Institute of Psychiatry Maudsley Debate